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Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC (FOT) is situated in the Fujairah Free Zone, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sinopec Kantons holds 50% share interests in the company through Sinomart KTS Development, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec Kantons.

FOT is adjacent to the port of Fujairah which serves as an important commercial port at the eastern end of United Arab Emirates. The fortunate geographical location makes the port of Fujairah the wold’s second largest bunker oil loading port, and the distribution centre of oil products of Middle East. The area has secured waterway, stable political and economic environment and relatively little influence from the international political situation. What’s more, the local government gives full support to storage projects by granting zero-tariff treatment and other tax incentives, making it hopeful to be the international storage and logistics centre in the future and a favourite place for developing storage facilities in the Middle East.  

The business purpose of FOT is to develop, construct, possess, manage and operate oil storage and oil blending complex in Fujairah Free Zone, UAE. The Project has the storage capacity of 1.155 million m3.The storage facilities cover 26 hectares, and an extra 1-kilometer-long pipeline connecting to the public valve manifolds at the existing two quays of the port of Fujairah is under construction, to facilitate the handling of oil and products.

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